I’m a VR creator.

Thinking about how to craft experiences that are interactable on such a small scale is still enough for me to get excited. Players in VR that can pick up glasses and hit a surface to make them clink (or sometimes break) makes people so excited!

That small nitty-gritty interactability is something that I crave to put into all of my experiences. To take the time to be able to create a world that is so immersive, you can grab something with your hands and hear and see changes that you woud in real life rather than just having it be another movable prop really makes a world feel alive.

That interactability is hard to achieve, but if you do too much players will get overstimulated or not know what to start with.

In my world, the only things that are interactable are things like drink glasses, TVs, and doors. It lets players know that they’re in a world that is rooted in reality, but additionally they don’t need to worry about things like chairs getting in the way, turning lights off with lamps, or much more than that.

Of course, this extends to my models as well! Using bases and things, I try to make sure that my avatars are fun to interact with. People get a real kick out of being able to poke at people’s faces and see the changes in VR (as it’s not really that common yet!) so being able to draw those things to the forefront of my creations are super fun.

The avatar I have pictured here, the Novabeast, comes with a lot of built in interaction and I’m excited to add onto something that really highlights my core values for VR!