Identity means a lot.

It’s a big deal! How you represent yourself, show yourself off to the world, and if you’re representing yourself as your true authentic self.

I’m a vr-enthusist furry. I play lots of Dungeons and Dragons, worldbuild, craft universes for people. It’s my favorite thing to do and I think that’s a huge part of my design and personality.

I pick things up quick, like Twitch streaming! I don’t do it often, infact I wouldn’t even consider myself a streamer but I do definitely keep up my brand identity.

Just in my journey to learn how to create a fun, interactive stream for my viewers I learned things like Adobe After Effects, VSeeFace and VRM model creation, Blender and Maya, webhooks, and probably a lot of other things that I forget to mention!

I find that for myself, picking things up and learning how and why they work is extremely easy and I love doing it.

Creating things for people that are fun, and learning how to do those things is the core part of my identity.