GAM300 - Senior Year - Team ‘Fenris Games’

Learn about the process I took on this game here!


Shadow’s Grove is a third person, over the shoulder, narrative-driven adventure game.

On this project, I worked with a team of 17 people to develop the UI systems of the game, along with work on the gamefeel and overall UX of how things felt with weekly playtesting.

Designers worked together to create design pillars, making sure the narrative focus was felt in the level, system, and UI design.

Showcase Skills
  • Created UI Wireframes using Figma
  • Collaborated on documentation outlining systems that needed more feedback, VFX, or overall UX for the player.
  • Ran ‘design problem’ meetings based off of information recieved on weekly playtests.
  • Created VFX using Niagara Particles and Blueprint in Unreal
  • Established a Mocap pipeline with artists utilizing Sony’s new portable Mocopi