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Seed Migration was a game I created for the Global Game Jam 2023 with three friends over 48 hours.

Seed Migration is an ode to old flash-style games that got me into creating games myself, being a launch game with upgradability giving you the goal of “being the best acorn you can”.

Showcase Skills
  • Taking a well-done formula and adding flair to it that other games in the same genre don’t have (more player control than other flash-like launch games).
  • Able to create a workable prototype with quick implementation of art and sound from other team members.
  • Staying in scope of a 48 hour project while working under the theme of “roots”.
  • Utilized WWise sound events to seamlessly transition between shop and game with fade outs of audio.
  • Created a WebGL build to make the game playable in HTML5 enabled spaces.